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Maggie Michael, Nariman Ayman El-Mofty, and Maad al-Zikry


The on-the-ground complexities of the ongoing civil war in Yemen, supported and exacerbated by outside powers, are nearly impossible for outsiders to follow. Stepping back, we all know this: one of the great humanitarian tragedies of our time is unfolding before our eyes, abetted and worsened by the intervention of actors who shoulder none of the consequences. Confronting continual threats from all sides, reporter Maggie Michael, photographer Nariman Ayman El-Mofty, and video journalist Maad al-Zikry, filed stories for The Associated Press that consistently broke new ground, brought the nature of the conflict vividly alive, and exposed the ruthless cynicism of those perpetuating the conflict. The AP’s investigative reporting on the war in Yemen in 2018 was supported by a grant from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.


Maggie Michael is a Cairo-based Egyptian journalist who joined the AP in 2002, covering conflicts across the Middle East with special focus on the political and religious dynamics of a volatile region. In recent years, she has been a point-person for coverage of the fighting in Yemen and Libya especially, and has conducted several high-impact investigations as a member of the AP’s investigative unit, including stories on secret prisons in Yemen and civilian casualties in Iraq.

Nariman Ayman El-Mofty is a Canadian-Egyptian photojournalist. She started as a photo editor at the AP Middle East photo desk in Cairo. Since 2016, she has worked for the AP as a photojournalist covering Egypt, Yemen, and other Mideast stories.

Maad al-Zikry is a video journalist who played a vital role in documenting Yemen’s humanitarian crisis, U.S. drone warfare, and atrocities committed by all sides of the conflict. His March 2016 photo of a severely malnourished infant, Udai Faisal, at a Sanaa hospital became an iconic image from the near famine caused by the way. In 2018, he and the AP team traveled across Yemen to cover the spread of hunger and the plight of those displaced by the war.

Yemen’s Dirty War

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