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Hannah Dreier

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As the AP’s Venezuela correspondent, Hannah Dreier has had the responsibility of reporting on the startling deterioration of a nation beset by government mismanagement and falling oil prices. She has done so with gripping accounts of the struggles of ordinary Venezuelans to survive. To depict the nation’s failing medical system, she showed how one girl’s scraped knee became a life-or-death ordeal. To show how the average Venezuelan spends 35 hours a month in food lines, Dreier waited in lines with them. She described how no one would help a woman who fainted in their midst because they did not want to lose their place in line. Wrote a Foreign Policy editor after reading one of Dreier’s pieces: “My God, Hannah Dreier has laid bare Venezuela’s nightmare.”



Hannah Dreier is Venezuela correspondent for The Associated Press. She moved to Caracas in 2014 amid a bloody nationwide protest movement, and has told the story of the country’s unraveling from inside prisons, hospitals and factories. She joined AP as a politics reporter in the Sacramento bureau and later covered gambling from Las Vegas. Before coming to AP, Dreier was a metro reporter at The Mercury News in San Jose. Her reporting has been recognized by the Livingston Awards, Society of Professional Journalists, and National Headliner Awards. Her 2016 “Venezuela Undone” series won the Overseas Press Club Hal Boyle Award. Dreier grew up in San Francisco and graduated from Wesleyan University.

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