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Alex Campbell

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In an eye-opening series on domestic abuse, Alex Campbell revealed that battered women across the country are being imprisoned—sometimes for ten years or more—even though they never laid a hand on their children. Campbell found that the women were convicted under seemingly well-intentioned state laws that require them to remove their children from abusive situations. In many cases, however, the women themselves were being abused and feared for their safety—and their children’s—if they tried to leave. Some of the women were actually sentenced to longer jail time than the men who harmed their children. In reporting the series, Campbell scoured thousands of court dockets, reviewed hundreds of court files, and interviewed dozens of battered women, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and witnesses. Said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand after reading Campbell’s first story, “It will make your blood boil.”


Alex Campbell is an investigative reporter for BuzzFeed News. Since he joined BuzzFeed in 2014, he has written about how battered women can be treated as criminals, and, with reporter Andrew Kaczynski, about how New York City allowed a con artist to clean up Ebola. He has also reported from Washington, Chicago, and Johannesburg, South Africa, and was previously an investigative reporter at The Indianapolis Star. Campbell, 26, is based in New York City.

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