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Megan Twohey


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Megan Twohey illuminated a problem that had long been in the shadows: U.S. parents adopting children from overseas, then sending them to live with strangers they met online because they no longer wanted to care for them. Before Twohey’s series, no government agency was involved in the transfers and none was investigating the practice, even though the children would sometimes end up in the homes of child abusers and pedophiles. Based on 18 months of reporting for Reuters, Twohey documented how children were being offered to strangers on average once a week. After reading the series, officials removed a boy and a girl from the care of a couple who became a focus of her investigation.


Megan Twohey is an investigative reporter at Thomson Reuters, where she has worked since January of 2012. In partnership with NBC News, her series on “private re-homing” in America was featured on multiple segments on NBC’s Today Show and Nightly News. It also won an award from the Sidney Hillman Foundation. Twohey previously worked at several news organizations, including the Chicago Tribune, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Moscow Times, and National Journal. Her work at the Tribune – exposing untested rape kits, predatory doctors and other flaws in the health care system –led to criminal convictions, new state laws and other reforms in Illinois. Twohey is a 1998 graduate of Georgetown University. Her interests include the outdoors, music, and travel.

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